Why is the DKIM record important?

DKIM record explained.

Domain Keys Identified Mail for short DKIM record is a DNS record (TXT record) that is utilized to prove that the emails sent from the particular domain name are legitimate via cryptographic authentication.

The recipient, on the other hand, is also going to use the DKIM record when making the DNS query to the domain name for validating the sender. It is going to use the information in the header of the message.

The DKIM record includes the public key, which the recipient needs to confirm the message.

Once you wing an email with DKIM, you are going to attach a DKIM signature header and encrypt it. Then, the server sending the email signs the emails with its private key. After that, the recipients are going to unlock them with the public key. This process ensures that the messages are not going to be spoofed on the route. Additionally, they prove that they can be trusted.

How does the DKIM record work?

The DNS administrator is the one handling all of the different modifications, which include also issuing a cryptographic public key. It can be discovered inside a modified TXT record. Its primary goal is to provide recipients with a method to verify the authenticity of the emails of the sender.

Every time the email server sends a message, it contains a DKIM signature in the header. That signature is defined with a hash value. That is a unique textual string encrypted by a private key, which is accessible just for the sender. In addition, information about how the signature was formed is stored inside the header. Also, two cryptographic hashes are held there, and one of them is for the body of the message, and the other one is for the specified headers.

The email server of the recipient gets an email and triggers a DNS request, which aims to find the public key from the sender. The DKIM signature provides information about the location of the key.

Then the email server of the sender obtains and decrypts the DKIM signature from the email to its hash values. Finally, if there is a match, DKIM confirms they are legitimate.


  • Stop fake emails. DKIM record shields your emails from your email server and prevents malicious criminal attempts on them. The DKIM offers the opportunity to confirm the emails when they reach their target destination.
  • For DMARC. DMARC is an extra protection measure that utilizes both DKIM record and SPF record. It makes the overall security of your email servers better by delivering reports and email authentication.
  • Better reputation. Your customers and visitors are going to have more trust in your domain. Thanks to DKIM, there will not be phishing attacks on behalf of your domain. That way, your customers will be safe.
  • The actual body of a message is not changed. It only places extra details in the header.
  • DKIM is a self-certificated tool and does not need a Certification Authority (CA). That way, the process is way easier.

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